2025 New Referee Clinics

As of 3/31/2024, all in-person sessions have concluded for the Spring 2024 season. The next in-person sessions will begin in the July–August timeframe. You may register for and complete the online portion any time before that. 

If you register for the online lessons and complete them before 6/29/2024, you will be able to transfer into an in-person session in OMS after 7/1/2024. If you begin but do not complete all lessons before 6/29/2024, you will be required to retake many (if not all) of the online lessons after 7/1/2024

Here is a list of scheduled upcoming In-Person Training sessions. In-Person sessions are listed as they are confirmed. In-Person Training dates are subject to change, however, adequate notice will be given in the event a session has to be modified. All of these are for 2025 registration.

Although they are listed here, you WILL NOT be able to transfer into any until after 7/1/2024.  Remember, YOU MUST COMPLETE ALL OF YOUR ONLINE LESSONS PRIOR TO 6/29/2024. If you do not, you will have to repeat many of the lessons.

2024 Regional Recertification and Upgrade Clinics

The 2024 Regional Recertification and Regional Upgrade clinics have been scheduled. The Upgrade clinic is scheduled for Saturday, February 3 and Sunday, February 4. The Regional Recertification clinic is Sunday, February 4. Both will be held at Howard Community College in Columbia. You can register for these through your OMS account. Please direct any questions to Larry Mittleman, SDI.

2024 Referee Recertification

2024 Referee Recertification Clinic is now online. Recertification for Referees is 100% online. If your current badge says 2023, you are required to recertify before you can work any games after 1/1/2024. In addition, there will be periodic in-person training sessions, which are voluntary, but valuable. The begin your recertification, go to your OMS Login page and, under the Registration drop down menu, select the Register for Clinic/Fitness Test link.