Week Night In-Service Clinics Return

The State Referee Committee is pleased to announce the return of the in-person weeknight continuing education clinics that were commonplace before the pandemic. These clinics will be voluntary, no pre-registration required and free of charge. Each clinic will consist of a pre-selected topic followed by open discussion regarding any topic or game scenario put forth by those in attendance. The pre-selected topic will be announced about a week in advance.

Dates and locations:

5/9/2023 Maryland Soccerplex
6/13/2023 Maryland Soccerplex
6/19/2023 Covenant Park (SAC Office)
7/17/2023 Covenant Park (SAC Office)
All clinics are 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

If there is good attendance at these clinics more will be scheduled in other areas of the state.

Larry Mittleman, SDI

Are You Looking to Advance?

If you are planning to upgrade to Regional Referee for 2023, now is the time to start. If you have been a Grassroots Referee for 3 or more years and have the necessary game count, you can begin the process immediately. Here are the requirements for a Regional Referee.  Please reach out to anyone on the State Referee Committee for additional information. We want to help you go as far as your abilities, desire, and commitment will take you!