Maryland’s assessors work hard at providing feedback to assist referees with their growth and development.  Referees at every level are encouraged to request periodic assessments as a means of improving their overall performance.

For those wishing to move up the referee ranks, assessments are a required part of the upgrade process.  Details about the requirements to upgrade can be found in the “Referee Upgrade Information” section under the Referees tab of this website.  It is suggested that referees arrange their required assessments as early as possible in the year. The procedure for requesting an assessment can be found here: Requesting an Assessment.

Maryland Assessment Fees

The fee for an assessment is determined by the level and purpose of the assessment requested.  Below is a table showing appropriate assessment fees.  These fees are consistent with the assessment fees of other states and greatly simplify our system. Referees must request assessments through the OMS website and pay for assessments by credit card.

Category Type of Assessment Fee
 I Grassroots Referee Developmental    $60
II Grassroots to Regional (Referee or AR) Upgrade or Regional Maintenance    $75
III Regional to National Upgrade or National Maintenance    $75
Attendees at the Maryland Mentor Clinic on 7/17/2021.
Attendees at the Maryland Mentor Clinic on 7/17/2021.