Official Web Site for Maryland USSF Soccer Referees and the Maryland State Referee Committee


The goal of the Maryland Soccer Referee Program is to provide all USSF Maryland Referees with the opportunity to achieve the highest possible level, based on each individual referee’s desire, talent, and commitment.

To accomplish this goal, the State Referee Committee will…

  • Provide initial training for all new referees.
  • Facilitate the acquisition of initial and advanced training for instructors, assessors and assignors.
  • Provide annual recertification clinics for all licensed USSF referees, instructors, assessors, and assignors.
  • Provide referees with the opportunity to demonstrate their skills with local game assignments, and facilitate. obtaining assignments within and outside the State of Maryland.
  • Provide assessors at the request of individual referees for maintenance and upgrade assessments.
  • Provide assessors and mentors to Maryland State Youth and Adult leagues for the purpose of observing and mentoring the referees working within each of the leagues.