Grassroots Referee Courses

Want to Become a Referee?

The United States Soccer Federation Grassroots Referee course consists of an online portion and an In-Person Field Session. The In-Person Field Session is typically held on a weekend day. Students are required to complete all portions of the course in order to become a referee.

To see detailed instructions how to register for a course, select the button below.  The cost to become a US Soccer Grassroots Referee is $80.00, which includes basic referee equipment required for the In-Person field session (flags, whistle, etc.).

Refund Policy

Click here to view the Maryland Refund Policy for Grassroots Referee Courses.

Important Notice:

Effective July 1, 2019, US Soccer has instituted new Terms of Use, Course Policies, and Waiver forms. Prior to beginning the new Grassroots Referee online course, US Soccer will require you to confirm that you have read and understand all 3 forms and agree to their terms.

It is extremely important that you read and completely understand this information prior to agreeing to them. Here are links that will allow you to read them in full:

US Soccer Terms of Use
US Soccer Course Policies
US Soccer Waiver

Any questions concerning these should be addressed directly to US Soccer.