Requesting an Assessment

The procedure for requesting an assessment is as follows:

  • For Upgrades and Maintenance assessments, contact an assignor and request a game of the appropriate age, duration, and competitiveness for your assessment.  Let the assignor know this request is for an assessment.
  • Once a match is assigned, log in to the Officials Management System (OMS) website. From your Member Home Page, click on the “I want to” dropdown menu and select “Request Referee Assessment”

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you can register for an assessment, you must be registered for the appropriate year. If you are requesting an Upgrade Assessment, you must change “Recertification” to “Upgrade” on your registration page. If you do not do this, the system will not allow you to request an Upgrade Assessment.

  • Next, fill in the “Request/Register Assessment” form completely and click “Submit”.
  • In order to complete your request, you must pay the fee for your assessment (indicated in green on your Member Home page). Once your fee is paid, your request will automatically be sent to Bryan Roslund, SDA.
  • Upon receiving your request, an assessor will be assigned to your match. You will receive an email from Bryan confirming the assessor.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: All emails from OMS will have the sender shown as  “[email protected]“. These may end up in your Junk/Spam folder. Be sure to check this folder or add this email address to your “friends” list (whitelist).

Maryland Assessment Fees

The fee for an assessment is determined by the level and purpose of the assessment requested.  Below is a table showing appropriate assessment fees.  These fees are consistent with the assessment fees of other states and greatly simplify our system. Referees must request assessments through the OMS website and pay for assessments by credit card.

Category Type of Assessment Fee
 I Grassroots Referee Developmental    $60
II Grassroots to Regional (Referee or AR) Upgrade or Regional Maintenance    $70
III Regional to National Upgrade or National Maintenance    $75