Writing A Game Report


Any significant match incident requires a report:

There are two parts to a report:

Before submitting report, send draft to one of the following individuals for review:

Supplemental Reports:

  • Reports can become legal records
  • Write them within 24 to 48 hours
    • Match occurrences are fresh in your memory
  • Circulate draft among crew for accuracy
  • For violent conduct, referee assault, etc., notify league within 24 hours and advise that a full game report will follow

To be included in your report:

  • Facts Only
  • No Opinions
  • Be Specific
  • Time of incident(s)
  • Names and numbers of players, coaches or spectators
  • Quote exact words (in quotations)
  • Accuracy of terminology is critical – “Penalty Area”, “Goal Area”, etc.
  • Use correct terms for cautions and send offs – “Cautioned player for Dissent”, “Sent Off player for Violent Conduct”, etc.

When writing your report:

  • Acquire input from partners
  • Confirm Facts of the match during post game discussion
  • Draft Report – email crew to make sure all are on same page
  • Each crew member should write a report – critical in cases of Referee Assault or Abuse

Game reports are official records for:

  • Lawsuits between participants
  • Health insurance
  • Criminal liability
  • Personal protection
  • Disciplinary committees
  • Leagues (ALL send offs)
  • Adjudication committees and league sanctioning bodies


IMPORTANT: Keep a copy for your own records for future use.

Click here for a printable version.