Becoming a Grassroots Referee

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UPDATE 4/1/2024

As of 3/31/2024, all in-person sessions have concluded for the Spring season. The next in-person sessions will begin in the July–August timeframe. You may register for and complete the online portion any time prior to that. 

If you register for the online lessons and complete them before 6/29/2024, you will be able to immediately transfer into an in-person session as soon as they are posted. If you begin but do not complete all lessons prior to 6/29/2024, you will be required to retake many (if not all) of the online lessons after 7/1/2024

The United States Soccer Federation Referee course consists of an online portion and an In-Person Training session. You must complete all 11 online lessons within Officials Management Systems (OMS) – Maryland’s registration system. These online lessons will take you 7 – 9 hours total. All online training must be completed before you can register for an In-Person Training session.

The In-Person Training sessions are held throughout the state, typically on a weekend day, and last 4 – 5 hours. These sessions are normally partially in a classroom, with the remainder completed on a field.  The total cost for the training is $95.00, which includes basic referee equipment needed for the Field session (flags, whistle, etc.) and annual US Soccer registration.

Here are step-by-step instructions how to become certified as a
United States Soccer Federation Grassroots Referee:

Refund Policy

Click here to view the Maryland Refund Policy for Grassroots Referee Courses.